Award winning journalist Lora McLaughlin is a wife and mother of 3, who, in her words is “living the dream”.  However, Lora’s road to happiness wasn’t always smooth.  She describes it as, “a winding road full of speed bumps, pot holes and thankfully, lots of bumper rails!”  It's that road that led to her unique perspective on love and life.

Born and raised in a small Kansas town, Lora is the youngest of 9 children, a product of a “his, mine and ours” blended family.  Lora describes her life as pretty all-American and uneventful, until the sudden death of her father when she was 11.  Unfortunately, that loss was followed by the untimely death of a sister when she was in high school.  She credits her mother, Norma Jean, for being the glue that held all the pieces together.  An incredible role model, she taught Lora how to recognize what’s truly important and what just isn't worth worrying about.

One of Lora’s favorite quotes is “Every setback is a set-up for a comeback”, and that’s the best way to describe her first trip down the aisle.  The brief marriage was a rocky road, and one she was too young to navigate.  She found herself filing divorce papers the same year she received her college degree.  Thousands of miles from home, she was suddenly a young, single mom in the big city, struggling to make it all work.  While her career started taking off, her love life was running on empty.  After a decade of living life as a divorced, working mother, Lora finally met someone who she thought was “the one”.  She was on her way to wedded bliss when she was basically left at the altar.  Just days before the wedding date, Lora was forced to hastily mail “We regret to inform you” cards in the hopes no one would show up at the church.  Devastated and humiliated, Lora started worrying she’d missed her chance at love, that’s when God sent a sign she couldn’t ignore. 

A network correspondent for CBS, Lora was flying to cover the Scott Peterson trial in San Francisco.  Seated in dreaded row 13, she quickly discovered that auspicious seat assignment would change her life forever.  Within minutes of boarding, a man sat down next to her, who, she says, “wouldn’t stop asking questions”.  After explaining that she’d had been the jilted bride of a wedding cancelled just 4 months earlier, she went on to explain she was now covering the infamous Scott Peterson story.  Or, in her words, from one jerk to the next!  It was then the attractive stranger said, “I can beat that.  My name is Scott Peterson and my life has been a nightmare since that guy was arrested!”  Clever enough not to ignore this “big, flashing neon sign”, Lora married the "good” Scott Peterson a year later and went on to add two more beautiful children to their family.  With the oldest, Betsy, now in college, Emmy in preschool and Jack only a toddler, Lora describes her life as “just a camera crew away from reality show!”